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The Key Process For Business Case Development

Developing a business case for large systems can be tedious, and without proper knowledge, many things can go wrong. You want to ensure you work with the best team for your next business case development. Technically, you only need professionals for this assignment. So, before anything goes wrong, here are some steps to guide you when developing a business case. 

Confirm the business opportunity

First and foremost, you need to define the situation and the opportunity your proposal intends to impact. Under this section, you must feature the background to the project, high-level business requirements, and investment logic. A good business case should be supportive of the organization’s developmental goals.

Analysis and selection of shortlisted options

This part looks into various approaches and shortlists three to four options. After that, we collect all the information about these alternatives and develop a list containing the best alternative. Before getting to the longlist, we often have to start with a list of options that we narrow down based on our client’s needs. Here, we also provide evidence explaining why a given option doesn’t feature in our shortlist.

Evaluate options

This is the third step of business case development, where we look at how the option leads to realizing the business objectives. We also quantify the possible benefits realized from each procurement service from the shortlist. However, while proceeding with the evaluation, we also consider the strategic, societal; and financial values created plus the possible risks.

Developing the implementation strategy

business case development

A well-crafted business case development should include an implementation strategy. A plan will ensure the business objectives are archived without creating financial constraints. We also include the resources required, persons accountable for every step of development, ways to mitigate project risk, and the project team. Also, this is the step where you give the overall cost required to run the project while breaking every step into a milestone.


Finally, we need to develop a recommendation and get board approval. Remember, the main aim of business case developments is to get approval from the executive team, business investors, board, or external stakeholders that have a say in the operation of the said business. We must confirm the recommended options before creating a business case which we’ll submit to the board. What you include will encourage the decision-makers to proceed with your proposal. But remember, how you write the proposal matters most. For more information visit our Website.

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